resume of the past days

- my bed smells like an ashtray
- i don' need to spend money on ice-skating because i have wedged boots with a sleek sole and theres glaze outside
- found a cool new old club in my hometown
- gay boys fart a lot or maybe don't have to? (blogscret)
- karin dreijer is the coolest ugly woman on earth since this appearance
- my hair is orange but i don't give a shit because i still look better than those who say that harharharharhar
- i'm no longer out of work
- clara neither
- o, it's already february!
- my life is still boring


  1. hahha.refreshing honesty, hon:D me likey

  2. ein wundertoller blog. mit vielen schönen und sehr inspirierenden bildern. grossartig.