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not having internet during fashion week is killing me.


Excuse-moi mes chéries. 

Cleaning up my room and watching dvds is my new hobby because I don't have any internet for the next weeks.Clara is in London, Scotland and somewhere else in the UK and also Dublin for some days. 
Sorry for the lack of posts!




lindstrom & christabella - lovesick (four tet remix)

Summer is ending and after a lack of posts and more ambition, 
we decided to change our layout and make our blog more interesting, personal and updated.
Everthing is still in progress, so be excited!

Our holidays were dope. Melt! Festival and Lisbon are just some keywords to describe the awesomeness and the fun we had this summer. We're both pretty busy at the moment. C. is learning for her driving exam and I'm moving to my new very own apartment this week. 

We don't have a clue who still reads our blog, we never took the blog seriously and just used it to share some inspiration and other things we like. The link isn't even published on other websites, neither our friends read this blog anymore, but everytime I go on this blog, there were like 8 visitors per day and I'm like "Who the fuck??!!". Anyway, we hope you will still follow our blog, because there will be updates, more (and better) posts, more music, more pictures, more diys and and and andet68t68uthjnhkgf.

xoxo C. & K.


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thomas clothing. the black cape would be me my favourite piece of clothing for this year's fall...

if i had the money.


everytime i see an aeroplane, i wish i could sit in it.


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i only ask to be free. the butterflies are free. 
- charles dickens 


holidays ♥
    I am still so naive; I know pretty much what I like and dislike; but please, don’t ask me who I am. A passionate, fragmentary girl, maybe?
    - Sylvia Plath



    forgot the source :(


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    natasha poly shot by panos yiapanis for muse magazine

    in the forest

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