tap dance + c. ricci

happy birthday doc martens!


Little Princess

I love Shirley Temple. She's such a doll.

this basically mirrors the childhood i always wanted, sweet and inocent like sugar. normally i really,really am not the kind of girl for sweet, rosa-puffy glitter-dreams, but not today.must be the spring that rushes through my veins.

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i'm here

you can watch the whole short movie at www.imheremovie.com
cutest movie website ever!
it's designed like a cinema and you can watch the movie only at certain times.

You've got all and it's
Pretty good but I
Seem to be in disbelief

You come in, check my time
You've got fornication crimes
I've seen your death on television
Cue immortal child like times
Separation is divine
Here is a strike beneath your knees

And they all want to love the cause
'Cause they all need to be the cause
They all want to fuck the cause


people notice nothing

or too much.


The Dreaming mind

Freja Beha Erichsen and Mathias Lauridsen for the March 2010 issue of Vogue Italia. photographed by Steven Meisel.

L.E.S Artistes #12

death is part of our lives.

fumie sasabuchi bearbeitet fashion editorials indem sie anatomisch exakt unter der haut liegende knochen, muskeln und organe mit feinen kugelschreibern und farbstiften zeichnet überzeichnet.


i'll go for the mint one.

alex and chloe

well,well, well. how can it get any better when a great photographer like Dean Rogers makes awesome pics of Control ,Unmade Beds and This is England??(u don't know these movies?tztztzt. go watch them NOW or u r damn uncool)

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they made me do it

awe.Please try to watch the trailer and listen to this at the same time: matches, hugh?


sophie srej by jean-francois lepage
marek hemmann - gemini

macht süchtig.




it's been one or two years ago since i saw a guy in the bus
who looked exactly like faris from the horrors.
still regret that i did not talk to him.

Copy and Paste

John Baldessari On The Origins of Copy and Paste Culture.

What's your opinion about copying other artists, their personal style or subject? I recently thought about this because being a blogger, i dont want to be just a copier of someonelse' greatness and writing loveletters about them :) a friend of mine told me she actually hates most blogs becoz they r just repeting each other and imitating someone else. do i do that?that would be a nightmare and everything senseless, but of course the selection we make about our posts is individual and reflect our taste.
When it comes to imitate an artist, I think it is a bit disrespectful since ideally the person developed that look over time and worked to get it to be their own. I do think that ideas are recycled. As an artist you cannot be extremely attached to anything you do or come up with. You need to be able to constantly evolve because no matter what your idea has or will be done again. I also think that it is nice to share tips and tricks with one another. ( thats why me and a friend recently launched an art collective together..we wanted to create a platform for people like us, making art, working free on differnt projects like photography or video art to learn from each other , to find inspriation in each others work.btw, the pics postes by kim a from that art collective).

L.E.S. Artistes #11 best ever


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better times

been a fool for weeks
cause my heart stands for nothing.

keen on boys

Already dead/ So kill my head/ There's a sun in his eyes/ It won't go away/ I'm already dead/ Why is it I can't kill my....

when i saw this picture, i immediately had to think of clara.
looking forward to your architectural look mixed with simple farmer style (?) darling ♥