//we are liars//

amazing. lovely. breathtaking-really.


every time i look into your eyes i see the future

Coco & Breezy from Stylelikeu.com from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.
credit to: Stylelikeu.com

omg i just fell in love. its the first time on crystaldecay that im blogging about personal style but this is pure inspiration....i like how they take everything theyre able 2 find (industrial designs, patterns..) and make something completly different from it. lovvve it. of course its a liiittle over the top ...but yet i need to have a blazer with mirror on it and the jellery, the glasses (!!!)! this weekend im gone be looked into my room doing some handicraft work :D

alexander wang rtw fall '10

via style.com

next fall i want to comb my hair to the side
have a greasy hairline
and wear suede boots.


Playn me

Heres my playlist for february .

Analog People In A Digital World - Rose Rouge

Massive Attack - Pray for Rain (so exicited to see massive attack live at Melt! festival this summer!!)

Pantha du Prince - Suzan

Wu-Tang vs The Beatles - Labels

Capsize - Where The Wild Things Are Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Karen O And The Kids

Fever Ray - Seven (CSS Remix)

Dave.i.d - Why Weren't the Message Sent

The Radio Dept.- Strange Things Will Happen

Prefuse 73 - Choking You

PUZIQUe - Thomas

Le petit prince

(i am terribly sorry i dont know where this amazing painting is from)

I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regwarding everything i cannot explain as fraud. Thanks to a special friend who enlarged my horizon today by taking me to the mosque.

"Man sieht nur mit dem Herzen gut, das Wesentliche ist für die Augen unsichtbar." - "Adieu, dit le renard. Voici mon secret. Il est très simple: on ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.")
Le petit prince. Der kleine Prinz. My favorite book of all time.


"that's people. we arrive, consume what we can, then leave. like locusts."


nina ricci shoes fall '09

clap your hands for the man who can wear these killer shoes!

I don't hate people, I just feel better when they aren't around. - Charles Bukowski



ja, kim hat freud gelesehn.
gute nacht ihr über-ichs.

aber ab morgen will ich ein paar ichs!

i want my hair to look like that.
today i dyed it into "cinnamon" brown but it looks like crap.
next time i will go for a reddish hair colour.
still got a fucking hair line and the tips of my hair are even more ugly.

btw vitalic is my new favourite.



i'm anxious about me not living my life to the fullest.

 time kills.

and time creates.


a landing not totally under control

shot by urivaldo lopes

those shoes are insane!
by the way:
they are from a parisian fetish boutique that features haute couture.

the editorial is from 160g magazine,
which i can only recommend to you!
it's an digital art style, music and fashion magazine 
with great photoshoots and articles.
focusing on the newest tendenciesin the world.
i have been following the mag for a while now
and i'm completley thrilled.


Ein Traum

Ein Traum , ein Traum ist unser Leben
auf Erden hier
Wie Schatten auf den Wogen schweben
und schwinden wir
und messen unsere trägen Tritte
nach Raum und Zeit
und sind (wir wissens nicht) in Mitte
der Ewigkeit.

(Johann Gottfried Herder, 1744-1803)

sunday fever

Hanne Gaby Odiele for Numéro Korea February 2010.

boring sunday.been working...
watching garbagetv.
and fall into deep sleep again.


viktor &rolf, "dolls: eine installation"

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20 miniatur püppchen.
70cm mode.
bis zum 21.februar im nrw forum, düsseldorf.

i'm in a sick mood.

Kristina K@Marilyn
take a look at here to see more of the beautiful photography and videos by jonathan waiter.


Anne Karenina- Leo Tolstoi

Alle glücklichen Familien sind einander ähnlich; aber jede unglückliche Familie ist auf ihre besondere Art unglücklich.

Der ganze Haushalt der Familie Oblonski war in Unordnung geraten. Die Hausfrau hatte erfahren, daß ihr Mann mit einer französischen Gouvernante, die sie früher im Hause gehabt hatten, ein Verhältnis unterhielt, und hatte ihm erklärt, sie könne nicht länger mit ihm unter einem Dache wohnen. Drei Tage schon währte nun dieser Zustand, und er wurde sowohl von den Ehegatten selbst wie auch von den übrigen Familienmitgliedern und dem Hausgesinde als eine Qual empfunden. Alle Familienmitglieder und das Hausgesinde hatten das Gefühl, daß ihr Zusammenleben gar keinen Sinn mehr habe und daß in jeder Herberge die Leute, die sich dort zufällig zusammenfänden, in engerer Beziehung untereinander stünden als sie, die Mitglieder und das Gesinde der Familie Oblonski. Die Hausfrau verließ ihr Zimmer nicht; der Hausherr war zwei Tage lang nicht nach Hause gekommen. Die Kinder liefen im ganzen Hause wie verloren umher

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just got a message on facebook from a friend who told me that alexander mcqueen is dead.
i don't want to make a "rest in peace mcqueen" post.
it's tragic.
you'll read it on many many other blogs and sources
so i don't want to hold a speach why he's such an inspiring and innovative creator.

it is truly one of the biggest lost in fashion and culture industry.
have known him from this striking skull-scarves
which you could see in every instyle and glamour magazines around 2006
and followed and adored his work since then-
sound stupid but that's the way it is.

after daul kim and alexander mcqueen it's sad that people still report superficial about suicide.
depressions and suicide exists and you may even know people who suffer from it.
suicide is a topic which is mentioned in media but is never discussed.
i predict 100068887659 bloggers to write their sorrow for mcqueen
and don't reflect any of the problems behind suicide.

i don't know how people should report and talk appropriate about it to be honest.
of course depressives have individual issues and it's difficult to find a solution
but is this a justified reason why the society conceals suicide and depression?


Hilary Rhoda. Nina Ricci.

Mariano Vivanco films the model in Nina Ricci on the dramatic rocks of Monte Carlo.

L.E.S. Artistes #7

Gerhard Richter everyone!
credit: gerhardrichter.com
Thanks to Mr. M, our Art teacher with fine taste, for showing us this genius artist. G. Richter overpaints his own private Photographs, mostly snapshots from holidays, friends or nature. And this is what comes out by placing paint on photographs, with all their random and involuntary expressiveness . great, huh?
Form is all we have to help us cope with fundamentally chaotic facts and assaults.

Gerhard Richter. Neue übermalte Fotografien

Wako Works of Art, Tokio, Japan
Februar 05 2010 - März 06 2010


slumber party

via vice

try this at home.

kirschtabak ist ganz schön bäh.