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just got a message on facebook from a friend who told me that alexander mcqueen is dead.
i don't want to make a "rest in peace mcqueen" post.
it's tragic.
you'll read it on many many other blogs and sources
so i don't want to hold a speach why he's such an inspiring and innovative creator.

it is truly one of the biggest lost in fashion and culture industry.
have known him from this striking skull-scarves
which you could see in every instyle and glamour magazines around 2006
and followed and adored his work since then-
sound stupid but that's the way it is.

after daul kim and alexander mcqueen it's sad that people still report superficial about suicide.
depressions and suicide exists and you may even know people who suffer from it.
suicide is a topic which is mentioned in media but is never discussed.
i predict 100068887659 bloggers to write their sorrow for mcqueen
and don't reflect any of the problems behind suicide.

i don't know how people should report and talk appropriate about it to be honest.
of course depressives have individual issues and it's difficult to find a solution
but is this a justified reason why the society conceals suicide and depression?

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