Copy and Paste

John Baldessari On The Origins of Copy and Paste Culture.

What's your opinion about copying other artists, their personal style or subject? I recently thought about this because being a blogger, i dont want to be just a copier of someonelse' greatness and writing loveletters about them :) a friend of mine told me she actually hates most blogs becoz they r just repeting each other and imitating someone else. do i do that?that would be a nightmare and everything senseless, but of course the selection we make about our posts is individual and reflect our taste.
When it comes to imitate an artist, I think it is a bit disrespectful since ideally the person developed that look over time and worked to get it to be their own. I do think that ideas are recycled. As an artist you cannot be extremely attached to anything you do or come up with. You need to be able to constantly evolve because no matter what your idea has or will be done again. I also think that it is nice to share tips and tricks with one another. ( thats why me and a friend recently launched an art collective together..we wanted to create a platform for people like us, making art, working free on differnt projects like photography or video art to learn from each other , to find inspriation in each others work.btw, the pics postes by kim a from that art collective).

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